Goa e Portugal – Uma colaboração verde

Portugal & Goa: Workshop on Re-utilizing & Recycling Waste In Goa

 GreenGoa will organise a presentation and workshop on reusing and
recycling waste. Tania Anselmo, 28, is a young environmentalist from
Portugal who reuses waste creating useful items like jewellery, bags,
purses etc in Lisbon. She will teach participants simple reulitization
techniques of commonly found waste in Goa. Clinton Vaz, 27 an
environmentalist based in Goa will speak about recycling systems that
are presently functional in Goa such as recycling of various materials
as plastic carry bags, milk bags, PET bottles, Glass Bottles and more.
Videos and a presentation, showing recycling procedures, and items made
from recycling will be shown to those present. Those interested in
participating in the interactive workshop are requested to bring along
2-3 empty drink cartons and a pair of scissors. While there is no
participation fee, any contributions towards eco-initiatives is welcome.
Those interested in participating are requested to contact Clinton Vaz
at 9890936828 or Aaron Pereira at 9923269797 for date and location
details and registering their participation.

Clinton Vaz <klintvaz@gmail.com>


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