Luis Amado em Goa: Promete ligações aéreas com Portugal

Fonte: The Navhind Times

Lisbon-Goa Charters to start soon


Principal Correspondent PANAJI — The Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Luis Amado on Tuesday said that the Chartered flights between Lisbon and Goa, which could improve tourist traffic on both sides, will become a reality by the year end, albeit on a limited scale.

Mr Amado, presently on a visit to Goa, speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’ on Tuesday evening said that a hotel belonging to the Turismo de Portugal as well as an office of the TAP Portugal, the national airline of Portugal in Goa would complement these Chartered flights in an effective way. “I will have to talk to the TAP Portugal once I go back to Lisbon,” he added. “Meanwhile,” Mr Amado said, “I am sure, we can begin with some Chartered flights between Lisbon and Goa along the shortest route between the two destinations by the year end.”

Earlier, addressing a gathering of selected invitees at the Portuguese Consulate in the presence of the Ambassador of Portugal to India, Mr Luis Filipe Castro Mendes and the Consul General of Portugal to Goa, Mr Paulo Neves Pocinho, the Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs said that the world has today become multi-polar with India and the European Union already becoming two of the important poles.

“In the fast changing scenario of globalisation, Portugal has become an important gateway to promote relations among India and European countries, Latin America as well as Africa,” Mr Amado observed “While Goa will certainly become a door for our companies, institutions and artists.” Goa can become a platform to promote economic growth of India in the future, he pointed out.

Speaking further, Mr Amado said that India could initiate a process of creating a world of tolerance as well as a world of dialogues between civilisations, cultures and religions. “I have arrived in India with an agenda having new topics including discussion on problems of the world and bilateral relations between Portugal and India,” he informed stating that the two countries will fundamentally have an anchor which would facilitate “so many ties.” Stating that past is past and it stands before us, the Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs said that in present times we have responsibility as politicians to contribute to the new era of our relationship.

The Speaker, Mr Pratapsingh Rane; the Power Minister, Mr Aleixo Sequeira; the Chief Secretary, Mr J P Singh and the deputy chairman of the State Planning Board, Dr Wilfred de Sousa among others attended the Consulate function organised to welcome Mr Amado.

In another function earlier in the day, the Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs, along with the Ambassador of Portugal to India and a Portuguese business delegation visited Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Amado said that both Portugal and India need strong support from the companies to sustain their economy. He also spoke about the existing opportunities in both countries for carrying out business, trade and investments. “With open and dynamic society of this country all sectors are important sectors for Portugal,” he concluded.

The president of the GCCI, Mr Nitin Kuncolienkar welcomed Mr Amado while the Chamber vice-president, Mr Manguirish Pai Raikar gave a presentation on the history and activities of the Chamber.

Later, speaking to the media the Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs said that sectors like banking, infrastructure development, consultancy and tourism could be instrumental in improving the economy of India and Portugal in the future. “However, we have not yet identified any concrete project in the field of trade and investment,” said Mr Amado who met his Indian counterpart, Mr Pranab Mukherjee in Delhi on Monday. Mr Amado termed his tour as ‘exploratory visit’ and stated that he is planning a longer visit to India in the next year.


Um pensamento sobre “Luis Amado em Goa: Promete ligações aéreas com Portugal

  1. Luís Amado em Goa
    É um bom passo encetar relações entre Goa e Portugal, Índia e Portugal em novas vertentes. A viagem será mais fácil com serviços da TAP. Devemos manter o idioma lusíada. O Ministro para Negócios Estrangeiros, o Sr. Luís Amado, teve contactos cá em Goa. “Quem viu Goa não precisa de ver Lisboa” pode ser hoje transformado em “Feliz quem viu Goa e Lisboa”. O Consulado em Goa pode trabalhar com o Ministro para realizar estes sonhos. O Embaixador de Portugal a Índia, Sr.Luís Filipe Castro Mendes, e o Consul Geral de Portugal em Goa, Sr. Paulo Neves Pocinho, poderão envidar esforços para promover um diálogo entre diversas nações, culturas e religiões, como também melhorar o cenário de industrialização do torrão goês sem destruir o sistema ecológico, que se tornou bastante frágil. As personalidades políticas de hoje têm responsabilidade séria e grave nesta matéria. Infelizmente não estão a exercer bem esta difícil tarefa… Esperemos melhores dias!

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