“Folhas de História” no Asian Monitor

The Asian Studies WWW Monitor:  late Jan 2009, Vol. 16, No. 2 (291)

02 Feb 2009

Folhas de Historia [Leaves of Portuguese History: a blog]

wordpress.com Redwood City, CA, US

“[… ‘Folhas de Historia’, est. Mar 2008 – ed.]

[…] is a blog in Portuguese
but [it] promotes Asian studies. It is directed primarily to History
graduates of Portuguese speaking regions, and picks […] on
historical themes related to the Portuguese colonial empire in Asia
and its post-colonial relations. The other and older forum [… ‘Goa
Research Net (GRN)’, est. Sep 2005 – ed.]

[ …] concentrates
primarily on studies related to Goa, the former Portuguese colony
till 1961, but since 1986 an autonomous State within the Union of
India. It is a specialised forum which has been well utilized by many
researchers [over 250 members in Feb 2009 – ed.] delving on that
region of Western India over the past 11 years. […] – trs.”

[‘Folhas de Historia’ is a site in Portugese, GRN is a site in English – ed.]

URL https://gloriainacselsis.wordpress.com/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the
time of this abstract. Access to

https://gloriainacselsis.wordpress.com/ has been blocked by the site
owner via robots.txt. ]

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