Estudos sobre hinduismo e budismo no Japão

The Asian Studies WWW Monitor:  Mar 2009, Vol. 16, No. 5 (295)
04 Mar 2009

Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database (INBUDS)

Database Center of the Japanese Association for Indian and Buddhist
Studies (JAIBS), Tokyo, Japan.

“The Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database is an online
database gathering scholarly articles published in Japan relating to
Indian and Buddhist Studies. Key words from each article are input as
data, making an online search possible based on either a key word or
the author’s name. Construction of the Database began in 1984 and
continues to the present. [src:].”

Site contents:
* Search INBUDS; * About INBUDS (History, Supporting Institutions, On
the Copyright, Reports of Activities, Related Articles, Asking of
Contribution); * List of Recorded Media; * Update Information; *
Links to PDF Data; * Links to Related Websites; * Technical
Information (Data Compression, Formats, Character Code); * Manual for
Gathering Data; * Downloading the Database; * [a link to] JAIBS web
site [] * [a link to] the SAT Daizokyo [85
volumes of Taisho Shinsho Daizokyo – ed.] text database

[A multi-lingual site, with contents in Japanese and navigational
features in Korean, Chinese (GB), Chinese (BIG5), in English – ed.]


Internet Archive*/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek–at–

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