Caça ao barco chinês do século XV (1405-1433)na costa de Oman

Khaleej Times
Hunt Launched for 14th Century Chinese Vessel

20 April 2009

MUSCAT – A search has begun here for the wreckage of a Chinese vessel, ‘Zhing-Hi’, believed to have gone missing off the Omani coast between 1405 and 1433 AD. The marine survey project was launched in a ceremony at the Royal Navy of Oman’s Said bin Sultan Naval Base in Wadam Al Sahil in the Batinah region on Saturday.
The search is the result of a cooperation deal between the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and the Phonetics Institute in China. The ceremony, presided over by Abdulaziz bin Mohammed al Rowas, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ Advisor for Cultural Affairs, and attended by Lieutenant-general Malick bin Sulaiman Al Ma’amari, Inspector-general of Police and Customs, Rear Admiral Abdullah bin Khamis Al Raisi, Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO), and Major-general Salim bin Musallam Qatan, Assistant Inspector-general of Police and Customs.
Dr Ali bin Saud Al Bimani, the SQU Vice-Chancellor, in remarks, underlined the long-standing relations between the Sultanate and China. He stressed the importance of the project in terms of scientific and cultural cooperation between educational and research institutions in the two countries and strengthening of historical and cultural bonds between them. A number of Omani and Chinese scientists are participating in the project.
The guests were later shown around equipment that will be used in the survey on board the Royal Navy of Oman vessel ‘Al Manasir’ that is participating in the project

Alexandre Monteiro


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