Pakistaniaat – Revista de estudos paquistaneses

Department of English, Kent State University, Kent, OH, US

“‘Pakistaniaat’ is a refereed, multidisciplinary, open-access
academic journal [ISSN 1946-5343 – ed.] offering a forum for
scholarly and creative engagement with various aspects of Pakistani
history, culture, literature, and politics.”

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* Current Issue (Vol 1, No 1 (2009), full-text materials in PDF
format. EDITORIAL : Welcome to Pakistaniaat–Chishm-e-ma Roshan
Dil-e-ma Shaad – Masood Ashraf Raja.
ARTICLES: Introducing the Urdu Short Story in Translation – Muhammad
Umar Memon; Community Learning Center Programs and Community Literacy
Development in Asian and the Pacific Countries: Bangladesh, Iran,
Vietnam and Pakistan as Case Studies – Akbar Zolfaghari, Mohammad
Shatar Sabran, Ali Zolfaghari; The Mediatization of Politics in
Pakistan: A Structural Analysis – Muhammad Atif Khan.
BOOK REVIEWS : Ahmed Rashid’ s Descent into Chaos – David Waterman;
Reading River of Fire as a North-American Student – Deirdre
POETRY AND PROSE : Freedom – Hananah Zaheer; An Excerpt from Saffron
Dreams: A Novel – Shaila Abdullah; Apa’s Painting – Mehnaz Turner; A
Hospital Visit – Aneesa Hussain.
TRANSLATIONS : HOSHRUBA: The Land and the Tilism – Musharraf Ali
Farooqi; Selections from the Poetry of Kishwar Naheed – Mahwash
INTERVIEWS : Shattering the Stereotypes: An Interview with Fawzia
Afzal-Khan – Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal; Painting God’ s Words: An
Interview With Amar Raza, Founder of the Quran Art Foundation and
Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan – Masood Ashraf Raja.
URDU WORKS : Hisar – Muhammad Umar Memon; Gul Na Hoti Abi Ehsas Ki
Shamah – Yousaf Alamgirian);
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