O passado vivido não é estória contada pelos historiadores

Leia o que dizem os defensores da película para transmitir melhor a multidimensionalidade da vivência histórica.

History in images/history in words: Reflections on the possibility of really putting history onto film

 Robert A. Rosenstone

“What we too easily ignore  is the extent to which written history, and especially narrative history, is also shaped by conventions of genre and language. This needs to be underscored. So many scholars have dealt with questions of narrative in recent years that “narratology” has become a separate field of study. Here I only wish to call to mind a few of their insights that seem relevant to history on film. First, neither people nor nations live historical “stories”; narratives, that is, coherent stories with beginnings, middles, and endings, are constructed by historians as part of their attempts to make sense of the past. Second, the narratives that historians write are in fact “verbal fictions”; written history is a representation of the past, not the past itself. Third, the nature of the historical world in a narrative is in part governed by the genre or mode (shared with forms of fiction) in which the historian has decided to cast the story–ironic, tragic, heroic, or romantic. And, fourth, language is not transparent and cannot mirror the past as it really was; rather than reflecting it, language creates and structures history and imbues it with meaning.”



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