Imagens da India 1950-1992 – Colecção de G.D. Sontheimer


Database of G.D. Sontheimer’s images from India 1950-1992

HeidICON image database, Heidelberg University, Germany.

Supplied note:
“Guenther-Dietz Sontheimer (1934-1992), professor of Religious
History of South Asia with a special emphasis on Hinduism at the
South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, made more than 22.000
slides in his thirty years of research. They portray everyday life
and rituals of the common people, the peasants, the pastoral
communities and ethnic minorities in India and in particular in
This quite extraordinary collection of pictures – the oldest were
taken in the late 1950s, the latest shortly before his death in 1992-
has been digitized and is now accessible through the image [online]
database HeidICON. This project was funded by the Cluster of
Excellence ‘Asia and Europe in a Global Context – Shifting
Asymmetries in Cultural Flows’. – ssw”

“This rich collection now provided with metadata is freely accessible
at Heidelberg University’s HeidICON database. It is particularly of
interest for Indologists, Anthropologists and scholars of Religious
Studies, but also for anyone interested in traditional Indian
religious and ritual culture. Thanks to the metadata, the collection
can be searched for places, feasts, dates or deity names. [See
– ed.]”


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